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BALTIMORE, Aug. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — “If you’re like my husband John and me, after a year-plus of social distancing, masking, and hunkering down at home, you’re dreaming of a return to your globetrotting ways,” Kochanowski says. “Except—there’s a hesitancy. What will we find when we go to our favorite places or the locations we’ve planned for?

“It’s tough to drop that psychological mask, as many of our fellow travelers-on-international-pause have informed us. Fears abound and keep us from enjoying a sense of travel anticipation. What will be open and what can we enjoy? Are our vaccinations enough to protect us in lands that haven’t been as lucky to get their jabs?

“These concerns are real, and for many of us, they hold us back from pressing the “Book Now” button offered on our cheerful travel-toting websites. Like many, we’ve planned to book a trip, only to learn about the latest issues in our destination and say to ourselves, “Um, not quite yet.

How do folks work past the doubts, find excitement in anticipation, and restart the traveling adventures? Yvonne offers this advice:

1. Become Informed

Information is empowering, so arm yourself with a list of reliable sources to learn more about what’s happening in your dream destination.

“A good place to start is the list of International Living boots-on-the-ground correspondents,” she says. “Consult your magazine archives for more from these knowledgeable folks and their email address.

“Important security information also comes from the U.S. State Department website, and the destination country’s government health or state department covers current health, insurance, and travel requirements. Many countries popular with expats offer ezines and newsletters. Ask friends and colleagues too—you’d be surprised how many people in your broader circle have contacts overseas.”

2. Take a Test Drive

“While we all want to return to normal as soon as possible, none of us yet know what that is going to look like long-term. Rules that aren’t part of the usual routine are still in effect in many countries, like curfews, driving restrictions, and limits on tourism. Some require mandatory testing, quarantines, and special travel insurance coverage, and that can feel overwhelming to those of us remembering with great fondness those simpler times when all we needed was a valid passport.

“Come to terms with the knowledge that things won’t be the same and some of it will feel uncomfortable at first. If this scares you, find something small you can do to get past those heebie-jeebies without spending your full vacation budget. Dust off the suitcase and spend a long weekend in another state or at a local treasure you’ve been meaning to explore.”

3. Prepare to be Flexible

“No matter how great your guidebook was before the world shut down, it won’t yet be up to date. Many public sites now require pre-booked tickets, and others may suddenly be closed for public health reasons. Transportation is prone to rapid, last-minute changes, so check your itinerary and triple-check those flights, domestically and internationally.

“To minimize the uncertainty, seasoned travelers recommend sticking to one country. You then only need to comply with a single set of rules, and even then, prepare for things to not go according to your plan.

“Pack your patience and keep reminding yourself how happy you are to be out in the world again.”

The full report can be found, here: 5 Steps to Restart Your Traveling Mojo

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