Austria imposes nine-month vaccine travel deadline on British arrivals

Dominic Raab conceded he would not have left the UK had he known what would unfold in Afghanistan over the weekend, following reports he remained on holiday until late on Sunday.

The Foreign Secretary was seen relaxing on a beach on the Greek island of Crete on Sunday, the same day members of the militant group Taliban entered Kabul.

Speaking on Sky News on Tuesday morning, Mr Raab said that “no-one” saw the situation in Afghanistan coming.

And when asked how sorry he was that he did not return from his holiday earlier, the Foreign Secretary told Sky News that he returned “as soon as the situation deteriorated and demanded it”.

He said: “Everyone was caught off-guard by the pace, scale of the Taliban takeover.”

Mr Raab said all foreign secretaries, “when we are abroad, whether it’s travel for work or for holiday, we are there able to respond to events. So I was engaged in Cobra, talking to foreign counterparts, directly speaking to the head of our team here in London, I was doing that on an hour-by-hour basis and, of course, I left as soon as the situation deteriorated and demanded it”.

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