Beauty salon opens its doors with celeb clientele

AS businesses start to reopen, one mum-of-two has launched her own beauty salon in Rainford, with a large celebrity clientele.

Catherine Farrell from Windle has been working in the beauty industry for 15 years.

She started on an apprenticeship earning just £2.90 an hour, and has worked her way through the ranks until three years ago when she helped to launch a beauty apprenticeship scheme in Wilmslow.

However, as her eldest child approaches high school age, she’s decided to put down business roots closer home and has launched LAUK beauty salon (Lash Artistry UK) in Rainford Village.

It was opened officially on Monday, April 12 by Real Housewife of Cheshire Tanya Bardsley.

St Helens Star:

Tanya inside the salon, holding up the salon brands own lash range

The 32-year-old said: “As much as I love my work, I think it is also really important to help others learn and progress so the salon will also be offering apprenticeship schemes for those interested in the beauty industry. We offer Russian lashes, our own brand of strip lashes, hair removal, aesthetics and look to offer services like pigmentation for men and women experiencing hair loss in the future.

“People think I’m crazy to have launched a business, especially a beauty one, in lockdown, but we’ve used the time to get everything right and make sure everything is as it should be hygiene wise with Covid.

St Helens Star:

Inside the salon

“I’m very fortunate over the years I have built relationships with clients who are celebrities such as some of the Real Housewives, Christine McGuinness and others, I’m very lucky they have been so supportive and hope the community will also back by new business when they have the opportunity to book in with us.

“It’s been so hard turning people away, hopefully once all restrictions are lifted we’ll be able to have a proper launch day and have people from the area in to celebrate and see what it is we do.”

LAUK Beauty Salon is on Church Road, Rainford.

To find out more go to @lauk.beautyx on Facebook.

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