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The city’s sustainability coordinator said the pilot program was very successful and sees it continuing beyond the initial testing period.

Bowling Green, Ohio — The City of Bowling Green’s Residential Food Waste drop-off program is off to a good start.

The program was launched to reduce the amount of food waste sent to landfills.The· EPA In 2018 alone, more than 63 million tons of food will be wasted, about 40% of which comes from homes.

With Food waste drop-off programAll food waste collected is transported to an accredited facility for composting.

The accepted items that residents can unload are:

  • Baked goods and pasta
  • Beans and eggs
  • Fat and sugar
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • A box of greasy pizza
  • Paper towels and napkins (unlined paper products)
  • Raw / cooked meat, bones, dairy products

Plastic including plastic bags Not accepted.

According to the city, the program started with six trash cans, but soon had to double. In the 4th month of collection, about 6.5 tons of food waste was collected.

Amanda Gambi, Sustainability Coordinator for Bowling Green City, said the pilot program ended in September. But they are working to make this program permanent.

“We wanted to spend a few months with some weight. We plan to investigate the participants and get feedback, so we’ll give you the first report so we can discuss these decisions. I’ll start putting it together, “Gambi said.

by Bowling Green City Website, Recommendations will be made in August to determine the future of the site.

If you wish to participate in the program, the city will continue to offer a free 5 gallon food waste bucket. You don’t have to use a city bucket for that.

Near Dr. Taragon’s public garden waste drop-off is a container, a public works garage, where residents can drop off any food waste.

According to the city, food waste cannot be left in the food waste collection area, and food waste cannot be left in the food waste area.

Bowling Green Food Waste Program |

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