Calvary Presbyterian Church opens Outdoor Food Pantry | News

In a small effort to help alleviate hunger, the Calvary Presbyterian Church Mission Committee has made available to the public a food pantry closet near their 695 School St., Indiana, entrance.

Those who need emergency food are invited to take small amounts of food from the cabinet when they need it, 24 hours a day.

The pantry will be replenished daily, utilizing food selections from the congregation.

At this time, there will not be any fresh produce or food with a fragile shelf life, and selections will vary seasonally.

There will be a variety of canned goods and soups, boxed meal kits, peanut butter, jelly, pasta, baking supplies, beverage mixes, cereals and crackers, to name a few.

It is a “help yourself” system, no questions asked.

Friends who partake are kindly reminded to “take what you need but leave a share for others.”

The handmade pantry cupboard was designed, built and donated by Matt Houser, a local contractor.

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