COVID Vaccine Updates: More Americans traveling this holiday weekend due to vaccinations

NEW YORK (WABC) — As more and more people get vaccinated and cases decline, Americans are on the go this holiday weekend at levels not seen since before the coronavirus pandemic.

The numbers add up to encouraging news in the hopes of returning to a sense of normalcy.

COVID cases have dropped nearly 70% in the past three weeks, with more than 50% of the country’s adults now vaccinated.

Despite poor weather in many parts of the country, 37 million people are estimated to be traveling this weekend, an increase of 60% from last year.

Here are more of today’s headlines:

Germany hunts down possible fraud in virus tests
The German government is following up on media reports that coronavirus test centers across the country have overbilled authorities for the number of tests taken. Germans are allowed one free “citizen’s test” per week to check if they are negative for coronavirus. They can use the result to be able to dine at outside restaurants, go shopping or visit cultural institutions.

California seeing lower virus cases, increase in vaccinations

California residents are celebrating the sunny Memorial Day weekend more upbeat than they have been for any other holiday since the pandemic began, thanks to dramatically lower virus case rates and increasing vaccinations. About 90% of the state population is in the lower two of four tiers that restrict business operations and other activities. By June 15, California will end the tier system and relax social distancing and masking rules.

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