Dad-of-two loses 13kg by drinking The Healthy Man!

– Having support with you, another person who can keep you accountable for any weight gain,

– cheer you on when you get to a goal.

– Setting smaller goals more frequently.

– Using an app to track weight, exercise and calorie intake.

“My current goal is to maintain my weight till the end of the year less then 95kg, while increasing my weekly exercise,” says Matthew.

“Currently, I am doing a few walks and one work out. Prior to kids I played rugby and trained 3-4 times a week.

“I use The Healthy Man Meal Replacement smoothie powder two days a week. For breakfast I have 1 cup of full cream milk, with frozen fruit and the powder blended. I am able to make it through to lunch without feeling hungry and needing food.

“I used the meal replacement shake more often while I was trying to lose the weight, the shake flavours are surprisingly tasty, I have had many different types of protein powder for weight training and all had a really bad after taste.”

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