Dear men, here’s why you should trim your genitals rather than shaving

However, a wrong method of hair management can introduce infections to the penis and scrotum.

men who trimmed rather than shaved or used other complete hair removal systems were least likely to develop allergic reactions, skin irritation, trauma or infections, according to health expert, Dr Moses Degaulle Dogbatsey.

He explained that the hair follicles, when cut from the base, could result in razor bumps which were potential sources of infections.

He advised that it was more appropriate to use small scissors to trim the hair to the base rather than shave the hair off completely.

In some cases, Dr Dogbatsey said shaving resulted in accidental cutting which could introduce bacteria from other parts of the body.

“Some of these bacteria are just waiting for such openings so they multiply and cause infections. Once they enter the skin and start feeding on the cells in there, they grow and begin to cause infections. Some people are also allergic to razor bumps, and so when the hair starts growing, it itches. Itching can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing. For such people, it is better to trim,” he said.

He added that trimming with scissors could also result in accidental cutting, so if the men could not trim by themselves, they could let their wives or partners assist them.

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