Disgusted Ross-shire residents speak out on poo problem created by minority of ‘dirty’ visitors

Cllr Biz Campbell: 'Disgusting'.
Cllr Biz Campbell: ‘Disgusting’.

DISGUSTED Ross residents stumbling across human poo around popular visitor spots are being backed by a councillor in calls for help managing the problem.

Concern over the lack of hygiene displayed by some around the honeypot NC500 route coincides with efforts by Highland Council to manage the surge of post-lockdown visitors on the back of a staycation boom.

That has included the appointment of a handful of rangers and a guide for motorhome visitors and efforts to control and educate “dirty campers”.

The lack of public toilet facilities in some areas is cause for concern for many though some angry residents claim a minority of visitors don’t even bother looking.

They have hit out over visitors taking a dump in the ruins of an ancient castle to using beauty spot car parks as toilet areas.

Michael Balmain said he had to lay wood over “deposits” for fear that his children would stand in it. He said: “I found toilet waste left by the falls opposite Ardvreck Castle. I placed the wood on top. We only just managed to stop the kids going into it as they ran past.”

People flouting the rules climbing on the walls of ancient ruin Ardvreck Castle, which has also been subject to 'dirty' campers.
People flouting the rules climbing on the walls of ancient ruin Ardvreck Castle, which has also been subject to ‘dirty’ campers.

Lorna MacDonald, from Alness, has “caught visitors in the act” – and asked them to travel for five minutes to use public toilets. She said: “I was out at Fyrish when I saw three people handing toilet roll to each other, after packing up their tent in the car park. I was furious and said ‘oh no you don’t’. I told them to go to the public toilets. It is not the first time. What on earth are people thinking!”

An Applecross mum-of-three said: “No one believes you when it happens, but all three of my children have brought human poo on their shoes back into the house. It is simply disgusting.Why on earth would you go to the effort of putting toilet tissue on top and not actually pick it up? Dirty, dirty dirty people – it makes me sick to even think about it.

“And you know there is nothing we can do about it, other than help to re-educate people, but seriously…who thinks this is okay?”

She added: “Buy a shovel or pay for a cup of tea and use the toilet.”

Highland Council recently appointed six rangers to support communities with the impact of tourists.

How we reported the issue last month.
How we reported the issue last month.

Councillor Biz Campbell (Wester Ross, Strathpeffer and Lochlash) said: “It is simply disgusting.”

She said: “We want the tourists here, as they are so important to the local economy, and we should be careful not to bite the hand that feeds us.But, at the same time, we need to have more toilets open. I managed to save the one in Dornie after a long fight.

“I think that if the rangers work well this summer we should create more posts around the Highlands.”

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