‘Don’t book now’, holidaymakers warned

Holidaymakers should hold off booking oversea breaks for this summer, travel agents have warned.

Graham Carter, commercial director of luxury operator, Unforgettable Travel Company, said: “Many travellers have already opted to cancel their trips in these months, whilst others have opted to wait until 30 days before their trip to make a final decision about travel. The latter option places a huge burden on our suppliers and hotel partners who have committed to staff and costs for the season, potentially to be hit with a high volume of last-minute cancellations and empty hotels.”

Noel Josephides, chairman of tour operator of Sunvil and former chairman of Abta, said any ‘green’ list announcement next week would be too little, too late: “Most of [the industry is] planning to start at the end of June. We have already lost a lot of June bookings because people want to defer [their holidays] because the messages from Government have been very pessimistic.

“They don’t know or don’t care how to find out how a tour operator has to prepare to start sending people abroad.”

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