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The following inspections were made in January by the Daviess County Health Department:

Kentucky Fried Chicken, 1445 E. Nat’l Hwy, one non-critical violation: floors throughout kitchen soiled with flour and food particles, especially at wall junctions.

Chuckes Food Mart 2, 201 N.E. Fifth St., one non-critical violations; dust buildup present on hood over pizza oven, wall above pizza cutting stations and on fans in walk-in cooler.

The following establishments had no violations:

McDonalds of Washington, 1450 E. Nat’l Hwy;

Pizza Hut 2725, 1447 E. Nat’l Hwy;

Holiday Inn Express, 1808 E. Nat’l Hwy.

Inspections in February resulted in these establishments having no observed violations:

Circle K, 401 E. Nat’l Hwy;

Hunan Garden, 207 E. Nat’l Hwy;

CVS Pharmacy, 307 E. Nat’l Hwy;

Family Dollar Store, 305 E. Nat’l Hwy;

Subway, 504 E. Nat’l Hwy;

Knepp’s Amish Kountry Korner, 4630 E. Nat’l Hwy;

Hacienda El Asadero, 303 E. Nat’l Hwy;

The Bakery House, 406 S.W. Second St.;

Daviess Community Hospital, 1314 E. Walnut St.;

Big Al’s Smokin BBQ Commissary, 4 E. Nat’l Hwy;

Huck’s Convenience Store, 1 Gateway Drive.

Inspections in March:

Wendy’s, 210 E. Nat’l Hwy, two non-critical violations: one staff member observed not wearing beard covering; inside of drive-thru prep soiled with food debris.

The following establishments had no violations:

El Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant, 900 W. Nat’l Hwy;

Angle Inn, 710 W. Nat’l Hwy;

El Muneco, 501 W. Walnut St.;

M and M Creations, 2 S.E. 11th St.;

American Table Family Dining, 908 W. Nat’l Hwy;

Chrilly’s Treats-N-Eats – Mobile, 2305 E. Nat’l Hwy;

The Roasted Bean Coffee Company, 3775 N. 900 E.

April’s inspections resulted in the following violations:

Plainville Food Mart, 917 Second St., two critical violations: mold present on discharge chute in ice maker; observed rags in food prep area hand sink. One non-critical violation, observed back door propped open (corrected;

Viking Mart, Inc., 6576 E. U.S. 50, one non-critical violation, one non-critical violation: liquid spillage observed under and behind counter top coffee dispensing self-serve area;

Longbranch Saloon, 109 N. Odon St., one non-critical violation: grease build-up present on walls and ceiling above fryer/grill area;

Chrilly’s Treats-N-Eats, LLC, 2305 E. Nat’l Hwy, one non-critical violation: grease build-up present on vent hood above refrigerator and freezer units.

The following establishments had no violations:

Barr-Reeve School, 627 N.E. Third St.;

Washington Junior/Senior High School, 608 E. Walnut St.;

North Elementary School, 600 N.E. Sixth St.;

Lena Dunn Elementary School, 801 N.W. 11th St.;

Griffith Elementary School, 803 E. Nat’l Hwy;

Veale Elementary School, 326 E. 450 S.;

Mason’s Rootbeer Drive-In, 1201 E. Nat’l Hwy;

North Daviess High School, 5494 E. SR 58;

North Daviess Elementary School, 5498 E. SR 58;

Scoops Homemade Ice Cream Store, 420 S. SR 57;

Discount Grocery, 2276 N. 1000 E.;

Sneakers, 6605 E. U.S. 50;

Fat Boys Pizza, 415 N. Main St.;

Country Oaks Golf Club, 5064 E. U.S. 50;

Graber Auctions, 1382 S. SR 257;

Washington Catholic Elementary, 310 N.E. Second St.;

Gasthof Restaurant, 6659 E. Gasthof Village Road;

Gasthof Village Inn, 6747 E. Gasthof Village Road;

Redbones Bar and Grill, 6456 E. U.S. 50;

Bargain Center, 6816 E. 400 N.;

Iron Kettle Restaurant, 996 Second St.;

Organic Acres, 10972 N. 1150 E.;

I L Valley Sales, 3731 N. 700 E.;

Casey’s General Store, 2009 E. Nat’l Hwy;

Dollar General Store, 6581 E. Nat’l Hwy;

Avalanche Ice Express, 2305 E. Nat’l Hwy;

Circle K, 1202 E. Nat’l Hwy;

Dollar General Store, E. Nat’l Hwy;

Newton Processing, 6396 E. Old U.S. 50;

Discount Tobacco, MK Oil Inc., 605 N. SR 57;

Miller’s Shoes, 6242 N. 700 E.;

The Shepherd’s Loft, 8014 E. 625 N.

Stop-N-Sea, 6504 E. U.S. 50;

Zax Creamery, 120 Main St.;

Elnora Inc., 103 W. U.S. 57;

DW’S Smokehouse BBQ, 142 Williams St.;

Good Food Market, 772 E. SR 57;

Dollar General Store, 310 S. SR 57;

Chrilly’s Treats-N-Eats – Mobile, 2305 E. Nat’l Hwy;

Chick-Fil-A Food Truck, 7405 New Lagrange Road, Unit B;

Wagler’s Bakery, 7799 E. 300 N.

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