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Published May 22. 2021 07:36AM

Wow! Lehighton area is really coming up in the world! Grand high school complete with full sports complex, elementary center, etc., etc., and NOW Route 443 is truly becoming big city! Just like Allentown’s Seventh Street, MacArthur Road!

Too bad no nice, big name clothing/shoe stores can find their way here. Oh, but, gee whiz, we have Walmart, that’s the big place on the hill, and we have lots and lots of places dishing out lots and lots of fat and calories, all fried in deep fat, and then all that sugar in all those doughnuts and cookies, etc. and then we have several places to go “work off the fat and keep in shape.”

I guess we’re really lucky to have all these grand surroundings.

I’m sure all our friends from around the world can hardly wait to get here, and all free of charge to them!

Just some “food for thought.”

Ruthann Schlecht


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