France eases lockdown raising summer holiday hopes

It now looks more likely than ever that British holidaymakers will be required to carry some sort of holiday vaccine passport for international travel after May 17. 

The Government this week told the travel industry it was working towards a system that would “give people the ability to prove their vaccine status” to satisfy the entry requirements of a growing list of countries including Greece, Croatia and Spain. 

But after months of speculation, Britons are no clearer on how such a scheme might work. Below we run through some of the most common questions.

How do I get a holiday vaccine passport?

It presumably needs to be linked to your NHS profile and number, which knows whether you have received a coronavirus vaccination or not. 

Travel medicine specialist Dr Richard Dawood said he had been assisting Iata, among others, with developing their apps. He said: “For the UK vaccination programme, there will need to be a way for travellers to download their vaccine records from the NHS securely.”

One might imagine then that those with proof of vaccine cards might be able to input a number into a vaccine passport app to confirm their status. 

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