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The Sudsy Soapery seeks to offer people the best options for going natural with their grooming and beauty products. Owners and product designers Jonathan and Kaycie Cook believe that using sustainably-sourced products can dramatically improve your daily lifestyle. After all, that’s how it happened for the husband-and-wife duo.

“I realized a bar of soap could be life-changing when my wife made her first batch,” Jonathan Cook says. “We made it in our kitchen. I stay clean longer [and], come to find out, it was actually good for my health. I [used to get] sick two or three times a year – [but] not since using the soap.”

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Jonathan and Kaycie Cook

That first batch of Castile soap, the base ingredient of which is olive oil, inspired them to open The Sudsy Soapery in 2011. Today, the company sells in locations across the country. Locally, you can head to the Soulard Farmer’s Market on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. to browse the Cooks’ goods.

So what gives The Sudsy Soapery’s products healing-like properties?

“Skin is the biggest organ on your body,” Kaycie Cook explains. “Every day, you’re putting irritants on your skin, and your body has to focus a lot of energy on healing that. You start washing yourself with something gentle, your body no longer has to focus on healing the skin every day.”

The Sudsy Soapery’s collection also includes popular shave soaps, which offer thick suds to protect skin from nicks while also moisturizing it.

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Lavender and peppermint shave soap

“For men who have to shave every day for work, the routine becomes a passion,” Jonathan Cook says. “Every morning, it’s like a ritual. Our [shave] soap has filled a need for people that want a more natural shave, without all the synthetics.”

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