Heathrow passengers told to ‘lie’ about quarantine to avoid immigration queues

The UK’s international cruise ban is set to be lifted by the end of this month, the boss of Saga Travel has told industry website Travel Weekly.

According to chief executive Nick Stace, ministers are set to set to meet tomorrow to decide whether the current international cruise bans can be lifted, as cruise companies have now fulfilled the government’s requirements to restart operations.

Stace told Travel Weekly: “Firstly, government wanted a memorandum of understanding signed, that if there is a future pandemic, or this pandemic goes on for some time, that all the repatriation will come at the cost of the cruise sector.

“This is what we did anyway, but they wanted an MOU signed and that happened last week. So that was one of the hurdles.”

“Secondly, government needed a body of evidence that the cruise industry is committed to reporting on cases on board and since May 17 we now have 49,000 passenger journeys recorded.”

He added: “The decision [whether to lift the cruise ban] is due to be taken by a committee chaired by aviation minister Robert Courts 10 days prior to that date, so on July 21.”

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