Huawei unveils new range of ‘Super Device’ products in Saudi Arabia

RIYADH: Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia unveiled a new range of “Super Device” products including Huawei Watch 3|3 Pro, the new 12.6-inch Huawei MatePad Pro, Huawei FreeBuds 4 and Huawei MateView, at a recent media gathering held in Riyadh.

The event was attended by top-tier media and technology influencers, who were all given an exclusive look at the new range of products.

While there are more smart devices in our lives than ever, the experience they provide often isn’t smart. Siloed systems tend to complicate interconnectivity and operations, which have ultimately led to a fragmented user experience.

The Super Device experience is designed to address this problem. It provides a common language for different kinds of devices to connect and collaborate, providing users with a more convenient, smooth and secure experience. It uses distributed technology to meet the varied needs of all types of different devices with a single system, enabling flexible deployment as needed. It also combines previously independent devices into a cohesive and holistic Super Device that integrates all hardware and resources to freely leverage the capabilities of its component devices based on the user’s real-time needs.

Bill Yu, vice president of Huawei Tech Investment Saudi Arabia, said: “Today marks the most important launch event for us during this year as we are about to kick off the launch of a new range of ‘Super Device’ experience products in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

He added: “Through this new range of Super Device products, Huawei is giving consumers in KSA access to a seamless and truly intelligent experience across multiple devices in all different types of scenarios. The unveiling of this range of Super Device new products is just another step in our efforts to deliver the best possible future-oriented user experience with a forward-looking approach.”

Huawei Vision S

The Huawei Vision S comes with 1080p MeeTime Full HD Video Call, which enables users to make and take video calls on the big screen, in full HD quality. Additionally, users can transfer the video call from their phone to the big screen with ease, giving them the freedom and opportunity to enjoy immersive audio-visual communications at any time.

The video call experience is complete with a 13 MP magnetic camera supporting 1,920 x 1,080 resolution for video calls and photography, making it remarkably convenient to install and adjust.

Huawei Vision S is capable of connecting with phones to offer the best of both worlds. Huawei phones can quickly project audio and video content to the large screen for sharing, with just a tap with the OneHop Projection. Phones can be mirrored on the larger screen of the Huawei Vision S with nimble smartphone functionality such as touchscreen attributes to reproduce the smartphone experience on the TV.

Huawei Vision S distributed gaming offers clearer graphics and ultra-low lag with low-latency. With Huawei Share, the Huawei Vision S and smartphones can share videos, pictures and apps with newfound ease, providing users with an endless source of convenience and comfort.

It comes with a 120 Hz display, which offers a new level of viewing immersion and comes armored with TÜV Rheinland-certified low blue light and flicker-free technologies, to provide real-time viewing, while also protecting the user’s vision. Thanks also to Huawei’s smart MEMC, the Huawei Vision S is capable of inserting 24/30 fps video into 120 frames on an intelligent basis, regardless of what is being played, from fight scenes in movies, to fast-paced action in games, to shots on goal — everything is displayed smoothly and with optimal stability.

The Huawei Vision S features four 10W speakers, including two 10 full-frequency speakers, and two 10W high-frequency speakers giving audio a gentler edge, while ramping up the authority of bass sounds.

The Huawei Vision S is now available for pre-order through online Huawei Store, eXtra Stores and across selected retailers. It is available in two different sizes — the 55-inch model priced at SR3,499 ($933) and the 65-inch model priced at SR4,499 — with gifts worth SR2,042 that include Huawei MatePad, three-month Huawei Video subscription, three-months Starzplay subscription, three-year warranty and a special entertainment gift.

Huawei Watch 3|3 Pro
Running on HarmonyOS, Huawei Watch 3|3 Pro comes with a polished stainless steel watch body adorned with a pane of ultra-curved 3D glass and a large display, culminating in an elegant design for the smart timepiece series.

Huawei Watch 3|3 Pro is the first Huawei smartwatch series to come with a 3D rotating crown that offers tactile feedback. The watch supports standalone connectivity and can receive and make calls. By activating the eSIM service on their smartphones, users can share the phone number, data and voice plans between their smartphone and smartwatch without having to worry about the battery. The watch supports a five-day battery life in smart mode and provides 21 days in ultra-long battery life mode.

12.6-inch Huawei MatePad Pro
Huawei MatePad Pro is equipped with the powerful Kirin 9000E that delivers an incredible level of performance. It is equipped with a 12.6-inch OLED FullView display and a 90 percent screen-to-body ratio, a million-to-one contrast ratio delivering a crisp color-accurate picture. The brilliant display on Huawei MatePad Pro is complemented by an eight-speaker sound system, which consists of large-amplitude tweeters and woofers, to provide immersive multimedia experiences for the consumers. The Huawei MatePad Pro also supports multi-screen collaboration with PCs.

Huawei FreeBuds 4
Huawei also unveiled its latest true wireless stereo (TWS) Bluetooth earbuds, the Huawei FreeBuds 4. This new addition to Huawei’s numeric series of TWS earbuds inherits the world’s first open-fit active noise cancelation (ANC) technology from the previous generation. With open-fit ANC 2.0 technology, lightweight comfort, high-resolution sound quality and intelligent audio connectivity, Huawei FreeBuds 4 delivers on not only audio quality but also takes the open-fit ANC listening experience to a whole new level.

Huawei MateView
Huawei MateView is a large 4K+ Ultra-HD pro-grade standalone monitor featuring a 28.2-inch 3:2 panel that supports a native resolution of 3,840 × 2,560. It offers a 94 percent screen-to-body ratio to provide users with a highly immersive viewing and premium viewing experience where even the most minute detail is faithfully reproduced on screen. In addition, it debuts with the first-ever integrated height-adjustable mount.

Huawei MateView not only supports cable connections, but also lets users declutter their tables by connecting their mobile phone, notebook, tablet to the monitor wirelessly. Users have access to a versatile range of ports for every office use case, including two USB-C ports, two USB-A ports, one HDMI port, one Mini DisplayPort and one 3.5 mm audio jack. Huawei MateView introduces a cleverly hidden Huawei Smart Bar that offers a user-friendly touch interface for users to easily adjust various display settings, such as input source and volume.

Huawei MateView GT
Huawei also had a surprise for gamers with the launch of the Huawei MateView GT, displaying cutting-edge technology, great reliability and outstanding quality. Introduced as a brand-new product category, the Huawei MateView GT features a curved ultra-wide display that supports a refresh rate of 165 Hz, with an innovative integrated SoundBar. With the Huawei MateView GT, Huawei is dedicated to offering consumers an even more powerful and efficient monitor, taking the gaming and entertainment experience to a new level.

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