Judge orders pre-trial diversion for Ashford teacher accused of theft | Crime News

A Houston County judge ordered pre-trial diversion for an Ashford teacher accused of stealing school funds in 2018.

Laura Morgan “Laurie” McWaters, 48, appeared with her attorney Christopher Calvin Reid days before her scheduled jury trial set for Monday to plead guilty to one count of first-degree theft of property after making a deal with the State of Alabama to enter into a pre-trial diversion contract, according to court documents.

Accordingly, Circuit Judge Butch Binford withheld adjudication of the defendant, meaning McWaters was not convicted of the alleged crime.

Upon written notice by the district attorney that McWaters has successfully completed pre-trial diversion, the court will dismiss the case. If not, the court will set a hearing to date to convict her.

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McWaters was arrested April 13, 2018, by the Houston County Sheriff’s Office and charged with first-degree theft of property, a Class B felony that carries a penalty of two to 20 years in prison.

Sheriff’s Office investigators say that during a 2018 routine state audit, the Houston County School Board learned that $6,126 was used from the Ashford High School’s student government account. During the time funds went missing, McWaters was the SGA sponsor, and its account was set up under her personal bank account for undetermined reasons.

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  1. Recently I found an article about a teacher not being convicted of theft from charge back from 2018. Let me tell you something Ashford High. I went to Ashford elementary and high school. elementary were the best years I will not lie! Entering the middle school/ High shool was like living a nightmare. Teachers dont care. They run with the clicks of the school they become part of the groups. They do not stand up for any kid they believe is different. NOT TO MENTION THE RECENT EVENTS FO RACISM IN A GROUP CHAT FULL OF TEACHER WHO WERE ALLOWED TO KEEP THIER JOBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK at the new people this school is full of crap. Especially if you are lgbt! SHAME ON YOU! and being in the s3x lives of children!!! DISGRACE!!!!!!!! Calling a child a n word! “KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS” what kind of predator comment is that???? And if their children attended the school forget about any awards your child will work for because they will just be handed it to their children. Oh! my favorite Ms. Pante……this woman is a living hell. dont get me wrong effect and good at teaching but extremely brutal on children she doesnt appease her. Fails for anything….Middle school Principal leroy ill never forget you and how you sat girls down telling them they couldnt be gay. you made me feel like a freak!!! the list goes on and on!!!! soon they may become like Rehobeth and find teachers with students!!!! I am glad I LEFT that little town and will never return.

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