Moonlight festival brings art, food and fun to downtown Somerset | News

The definition of a festival is a day of celebration, and while the Moonlight Festival is mainly held in the daytime, visitors could celebrate the moonlight or anything else they may find during the downtown Somerset event.

Saturday’s festival included music, art, crafts, cornhole games and lots of food. A celebration of food, one could even say.

There was ice cream, gelato, cookie dough and funnel cakes to please the sweetest of sweet teeth. There was barbecue, Mexican food, Italian food and American favorites for those who wanted a proper meal. And there were certainly beverages – from plain water to the harder stuff.

But no matter a person’s personal tastes when it comes to food, everyone could agree that Saturday’s weather was close to perfect.

“It’s beautiful weather, and I’m doing my favorite thing,” said Somerset artist Sarah Roberts as she worked on painting a piece of wood. “It’s always a good day when you’re painting.”

She was one of several artists participating in the festival’s special “How Do I See Somerset?” theme. Each artist got a wood piece cut out into the shape of Pulaski County to decorate as they see fit. Those pieces will be auctioned during the next #seemyset Art Market to raise money for the city’s art fund.

Another artist, Cameron Davis from Louisville, was also out painting in public, making canvas artwork in front of the tent shared by his brand, Infinite Horizon, and fellow Louisville art company Gimme Hugs Dude.

Davis said he and his friends just want to spread good vibes among the people in the crowd – “inspire them to try something new creatively.”

The festival was not only a chance to learn about different artists and art styles, it was a chance to learn more about new businesses in the area, such as Camping Curator.

That business set up one of its luxury-style tents near the Fountain Square on Saturday, showing off what can be set up for groups or families for any reason, from celebrating birthdays or other family events, to simply going camping in one’s back yard.

Owners Matthew Gates and Brice Burton said they, along with their wives Beka Burton and Alison Gates, started the business around the last of July,

“Every since we started, we’ve been booked up,” Matthew Gates said.

The group started it because they enjoy doing things outdoors, and they wanted to start a business that would encourage other families to enjoy nature as well, he said.

“If a young 3- or 4-year-old sleeps outside all night, that’s a huge step for him, even if it’s in the back yard. … Just getting families together to make memories, get them outside and let them enjoy this place,” he said.

Matthew Gates said his wife actually came up with the idea to set up “glamping” tents – glamorous camp sites that give outdoor camping a bit of a luxury feel.

“We’ll go where you want to go,” he said, meaning if you need a tent set up in your back yard or one set up in a state park, they are willing to set up everything a camper might want, wherever it’s needed.

That includes beds with memory foam mattresses, fire pits, and even television screens, in case you don’t want to miss the big game.

Brice Burton said, “One of our first customers said, ‘Honestly, I kind of forgot I was in my back yard.’ And that’s what we want.”

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