Often because you really don’t have to bathe your child (or yourself)

How often do you bathe your child? (Or how often did your parents bathe you as a kid?) Once a day? Every other day? Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell released the news this week when they set the criteria for “waiting for a foul odor” in the next conversation. view. The comment was that Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis said they would bathe their children only when they could “see their stains.” And today, Jake Gillenhal proudly admits: Clean yourself. “

Perhaps this makes you a scandal, or you can identify as many parents juggle a thousand different things. Anyway, at least in terms of hygiene, celebrities may be crazy about something.

GQ Doctor and staff writer James Hamblin Atlantic The person who wrote the book called Clean: New science of skin and beauty of less.. (Last year he explained to Phil Picardi why he didn’t need to shampoo so often.) So is there anything wrong with waiting for your child to aggressively stink and put it in the tub? ?? “Number. I fully support it,” he said.

It turns out that being “clean” is very different from being “hygienic”. According to Hambrin, hygiene includes habits to keep your body healthy. This means washing your hands and cleaning your body fluids after using the bathroom. “It’s a bit graphic, but it’s what spreads the disease,” says Hambrin. “As long as you do it [everything else] It is a voluntary action. As long as your child is washing their hands, they can skip the bath here and there.

Children can also claim to have lower bathing thresholds than adults. According to Hambrin, “cleanliness” is primarily a social standard, and many of our notions of cleanliness are to smell good and control body odor. Betting is low as a child because it is a much more important concern after adolescence.

Therefore, before rushing to judge any of these stars because you skipped the shower, consider that there is nothing to judge. “I’m very sensitive to the use of terms such as dirty, terrible, and disgusting, because they are very often hints of something else,” says Hambrin. “Whenever you see someone doing something and want to say,’Oh, that’s terrible or disgusting,’ it’s worth checking it out. “

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Often because you really don’t have to bathe your child (or yourself)

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