Overseas Tourists Want Hard Date for Travel to US

When the Biden Administration said it would open up international travel to the U.S., it noted that restrictions would be lifted in ‘early November.’

For some potential overseas tourists, that’s too vague of a time frame.


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According to an article in USA Today, international travelers are clamoring for a hard and fast date from the White House in order to make travel plans.

And, in something of a gamble, some already have – for as early as November 1.

USA Today noted that Austria’s ambassador to the United States, Martin Weiss, told a traveler who reached out via Twitter on Friday that the target date is Nov. 1.

That could be problematic for travelers who already purchased tickets for those dates and will be scrambling to rebook flights and change other travel plans.

Travelers are pleading for information on Twitter, regularly singling out government officials in the United States and abroad.

London newspaper The Daily Mail reported that the expected return of travel for international visitors would not be until some time between November 8 and 13.

Now we begin to give the numbers.Everyone thinks November 1, and who writes between 8 and 13. We always wait a Twitter from the @WhiteHouse. President, @POTUS give a precise date, we need to organize a trip and rebuild our lives.@IATA #LoveIsNotTourism #GiveUsADate https://t.co/PyqOFrxEX7

— Joy&Hope (@JoyHope15335109) October 1, 2021

White House officials remain mum on a date or even when a date will be announced, and airline and tourism officials say they have no details.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says only that it expects to have an order requiring airlines to collect passenger information for COVID-19 contact tracing – a key part of the government’s border reopening plan – by mid-October, spokesperson Scott Pauley said.

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