Sanitizer Spray Pack (3)


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Sanitizer Spray Pack (3)

The compact, 2 oz. spray bottle is ready to hit the road with you, as it promotes the safeguarding you and your family while you’re here, there and … anywhere. The bottle meets TSA guidelines for a carry-on liquid and fits perfectly in a pocket, shoulder bag, purse or roller bag, so it’s always within reach. Like TLE Guardian Hand Sanitizer, the spray includes D-Limonene, the pleasant aromatic punch found in TLEO Lemon and TLEO Orange, highly regarded for its antimicrobial and antiviral qualities. Our sanitizing spray can be spritzed on surfaces everywhere to help safeguard your family: in the nursery, kitchen, bath, laundry room, vehicles, airplane trays, public-use seating, door handles, trash cans. Spray away!


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