Rain, wind and cold temps could impact Thanksgiving travel in Connecticut

News 12 meteorologists say rain, wind and cold temperatures may impact travel plans ahead of Thanksgiving.

TODAY: Sun to mostly cloudy skies later. Chilly, less wind. Highs in the upper-40s.

TONIGHT: Clouds gather. Dry and mild. Lows around 40.

SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy, rain arrives in time for dinner and beyond. Breezy and milder. highs middle-50s.

MONDAY – AM ALERT: Rain moves through quickly, gone by mid-morning. Winds freshen. Sun returns. Temps drop from 50s into 40s.

TUESDAY – WEATHER TO WATCH: Partly cloudy, cold and blustery. Highs lower-40s, winds gust to 35 mph. Feels like middle and upper-20s at times. Passing flurry possible.

WEDNESDAY: Less wind more sunshine. milder highs in upper-40s.

THURSDAY- THANKSGIVING: Mostly sunny middle-50s.

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