Rat concerns over ginnel ‘being used as bin storage area’

The council is ‘ignoring’ requests for a strong clampdown on bin hygiene concerns, it’s been claimed.

A concerned resident, who wished not to be named, claims that a ginnel between John Street, Clayton-le-Moors, Accrington, Lancashire and Sparth Road, is being used as a ‘storage area’.

Hyndburn Borough Council has not responded to requests for a response to the complaint.

The resident claimed: “People have been leaving their bins out for weeks on end. Some have left black bags beside their bins. This is against council health and safety rules.  

“All bags have to be in the bins with the lids closed. This happened a couple of years ago and we had a problem with rats. They started entering people’s houses and it took a long time to shift them. I’m trying to prevent this happening again.

“The council should take action with the people who are doing this, and not just sending someone to clean up their mess.

“The culprits should be fined and that might help cure the problem. The council are ignoring my request for something be done.”

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