Rishi Sunak pressures Boris to open up travel for summer holidays

Dominic Wilkinson, a professor of medical ethics, has said nightclubs who introduce vaccine passports could gain a “market advantage”, with people who are nervous about crowded spaces more likely to attend if they know everyone in attendance is double-jabbed.

Asked about the Government’s intention to implement vaccine passports for nightclubs from September, the Oxford academic said he was “not sure if they are the right thing to do” but could be “useful” and “sensible”.

He told LBC radio that there is also a “strong case” for vaccine passports in allowing the fully-vaccinated to return to socialising “in a normal way”.

He said: “I think the idea of using vaccine passports as a stick to beat people up and punish them if they haven’t been vaccinated is ethically flawed.

“But there is a strong case for vaccine passports, which is the other way round, which is that those who are vaccinated, or potentially have other evidence that they are at low risk of passing on the virus, should not be unduly restricted from enjoying the normal things in everyday life.

“They are no longer at serious risk of passing on the virus so, ethically, they ought to be able to travel, go to work, go out and socialise in a more normal way.”

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