Small Business Saturday: The science that is Soap Makers Paradise

Can you live without soap? Didn’t think so because soap is an everyday product that we absolutely cannot do without.

From the moment we get out of bed, we use soap to cleanse our skin, dishes and clothes. In fact, soap may be the very first and last thing we use daily.  

The process of soap making is such a beautiful and interesting one that the founders of this brand could not resist entering the market. With a scientific background and much experience in the manufacturing industry, a team of experts were driven to collaboratively create what we now know as Soap Makers Paradise.

Soap Makers Paradise is a division of True Brands. It was established to supply a full range of specific and cross-industry products to the handmade industry. The brains behind this brand explained that “in response to the relentless demand for DIY hygiene products, we have ramped up production, increasing output to satisfy the growing demand for soap and soap products”.

Some of the Soap Makers Paradise products

Some of the Soap Makers Paradise products.


Their products are in high demand. This brand prides itself on the science behind it all, and this helps Soap Makers Paradise to stand out. For example, they have taken the time to investigate the makeup of the coronavirus in an effort to ensure that their soaps can adequately rid you of the virus. It’s no wonder they had to increase production. 

Their scientific approach and formulations create not only beautiful eye-catching products. Their soaps are made to be effective in several areas of specialisation. 

DIY for you

This company provides much more than bar and liquid soaps. If you are also interested in DIY, you can give its hygiene DIY products a try. The process is simple and thoroughly explained. The brand also creates and supplies scents. 

“We are a manufacturer of fragrances that are integrated with many products like beauty care, personal care, home care and fabric care. Our fragrances are designed for the body, face, hair, colognes, body mist, lotion, as well as for the home, candles, soaps, laundry detergent and aromas,” explained a team member.

Beating the odds

Courtesy of our curiosity, we realised that Soap Makers Paradise is a resilient force and the background of this company has propelled it to the point that it currently is. One team member expressed, “throughout the pandemic, business has been difficult but we were able to adapt and we are doing better than ever”.

We believe that in years to come, Soap Makers Paradise will be a household name. You can learn more about this brand by checking out its social media pages @Soap Makers Paradise or

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