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The COVID-19 pandemic canceled the Turners’ trip to the Europe — twice. Expedia appeared to favor a three-peat.

Two years ago, Daniel Turner, 28, of Madison, and his wife used the online travel-booking behemoth to book a week-and-a-half honeymoon in Greece and London in August 2020.

Then came the pandemic and a Greek policy barring entry to Americans, Turner said, and the trip was canceled.

Suggestions for self-protection and protecting others during air travel in the age of COVID-19.

Fast forward to December 2020 and the couple used Expedia credits from the canceled August 2020 trip to book a trip to Edinburgh and London for the fall of this year — both to celebrate the couple’s now much-delayed honeymoon and so that Daniel, a grad student at UW-Madison, could conduct research at the Imperial College London.

They canceled this past spring because the United Kingdom quarantine rules for Americans would have made the trip “impossible,” Turner said, but sought to rebook much the same trip after those UK rules changed over the summer.

Turner said Expedia promised him they would get credits for the credits they got for the money they spent for the initial August 2020 trip.

“However, after the third call I made checking the status of the refund, we received emails saying we would not receive our hotel credit with the reason being that the credits were non-refundable,” Turned emailed SOS on Aug. 9.

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