Spain could open to Britons ahead of rest of EU

The Government wants to see more countries added to the green list, but Britons must be patient, Grant Shapps has urged. 

Speaking on BBC Radio 4, the Transport Secretary said he was “of course” pushing for the green list of destinations to be extended, but warned that we are “just having to wait for other countries to catch up with us” in terms of their vaccination programmes. 

“That’s going to gradually happen, obviously, you can see it’s happening, so that list should expand,” he said. 

Mr Shapps said decisions on expanding the green list would depend on data showing the state of the pandemic in the various countries.

“We are reviewing this all the time, every three weeks, the next review is in the first week of June and we’ll have to see what happens,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today.

However, he poured cold water on expanding the list of holiday destinations immediately, saying: “Our message is very straightforward, which is ‘just a little bit of patience, everyone’.”

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