SweetSpot Labs Launches Microbiome Balancing Cleanser

NEW YORK, Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SweetSpot Labs, a leader in vulvar skincare who has been bringing intimate skin health to light since 2003, launches its new Microbiome Balancing Creamy Full Body Cleanser to help women who struggle with common, but often unaddressed, vulvar skin imbalances. The first wash of its kind, this chin-to-toe cleanser is specifically formulated for skin prone to bacterial or yeast imbalances such as folliculitis. Unlike most personal care products, Microbiome Balancing Cleanser is free from known Malassezia yeast triggers to help prevent the flare cycle of Pityrosporum (aka Fungal) Folliculitis.

“In my practice I regularly see patients concerned and uncomfortable due to folliculitis,” says board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist, Dr. Tamika Cross, MD, FACOG. “SweetSpot Labs’ new Microbiome Balancing Cleanser is packed with clean ingredients and formulated without known Malassezia triggers, leading to balanced and more comfortable vulvar skin.”

Microbiome Balancing Cleanser is formulated with clean, non-irritating, clinically effective ingredients that promote the health and balance of the skin’s microbiome by purifying bacterial buildup and helping to inhibit the overgrowth of fungi. The innovative formula helps keep skin prone to bacterial or fungal folliculitis, cutaneous candida, or under-boob rash in a state of balanced wellness. While these conditions are highly treatable, many who experience them will continue to struggle with flare cycles without addressing the root cause of the issue. Common ingredients found in other personal care products may be at fault, which is why this formula is clean, 99% naturally-derived, and free from ingredients that can irritate intimate skin such as fragrance, sulfates, parabens, essential oils and known Malassezia yeast food sources like glycerin, esters, ceramides and fatty acids.

Julie Chamberlain, General Manager of SweetSpot Labs says, “The launch of Microbiome Balancing Cleanser is an exciting new chapter in SweetSpot Labs long-standing commitment to the health of intimate skin. This formula, like all our formulas, addresses real and often unaddressed intimate skin concerns without compromise. We’re thrilled to be the first to help prevent folliculitis flare cycles by promoting the health, balance, and therefore comfort of our most sacred skin”.

The new full body cleanser, along with the existing SweetSpot Labs line of creamy cleansers pH-balanced to vulvar skin, provides the perfect solution for intimate skin concerns at every age and life stage. Like all SweetSpot Labs products, Microbiome Balancing Wash is gynecologist tested and approved on actual vulvas. But why stop there? Sweet enough for your most sensitive skin, and great to use all over.

About SweetSpot Labs

Since 2003, SweetSpot Labs has been on a mission to fundamentally change the way people see, talk about, and treat vulvar skin health. Driven by the belief that all skin needs and deserves to be cared for – even the skin others don’t see – SweetSpot Labs challenged the shame-based conventions of traditional feminine hygiene to create a line of safe, results-driven formulas for all ages and life stages that put the comfort, balance, and health of your most sacred skin above all else. From eco-friendly packaging to clean ingredients that actually work, we’ll never stop searching for new ways to keep you (and the planet) healthier than ever. Products are available in store and online at Ulta Beauty and online at shop.sweetspotlabs.com.

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