The Day – Cupp column the commentary equivalent of a food fight

Here is what I get from reading S.E. Cupp’s malicious caricature of an opinion piece in Saturday’s paper, “Tucker Carlson’s disgusting new low,” (April 30). 1) Cupp has lost a lot of arguments and decided to try again in a format where she has the megaphone. 2) It is really true that arguments are often about power, not about their ostensible subject.

Sadly, Tucker Carlson has power. Happily, S.E. Cupp does not. So, she threw her plate at him, sliming others at the table and dismissing in advance the possibility that they might be open to suasion. Having already failed to change their minds, she seems to think that gravy in the hair may at least save them from themselves.

Reading that column was like watching the loser flail after a mud fight. The headline should have been: “One Commentator Maligns Another − and Everyone Loses.”

Peter Stanley



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