The Science of Chewing, Food Personality Platform, and Cell-Based Rainbow Trout

Welcome to the first Food Tech News round-up of August! To kick off this month, we have pieces on Bluu Biosciences, a new platform called Foodqu!rk, Motif partnering with dental experts, and Good Catch’s new distribution partner.

Bluu Biosciences ramps up the production of various cell-based fish species

Berlin-based Bluu Biosciences produces cell-based seafood, and this week the company announced that it would be increasing production of three popular fish species: Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, and carp. According to the article on Food Ingredients First, the company is currently working on optimizing its cell lines for ideal nutrition, fat content, and Omega 3s. Bluu Biosciences aims to offer its cell-based seafood at a price comparable to conventional seafood, with a future product range that will likely include fish balls, sticks, and fillets.

Foodqu!rk launches “food personality” platform

With so many people living with dietary restrictions or having specific food preferences, a new platform called Foodqu!rk has been launched to help people identify what their food personality is. To sign up, users take a quiz about their eating habits, food preferences, and relationship to certain foods. The quiz result is generated through an algorithm that determines your FQ, or what Foodqu!rk calls your food personality. There are five categories that define your food personality: Naturalist, Striver, Creator, Enthusiast, and Guardian. After signing up and taking the quiz, users can access the platform to share quiz results, swap recipes, recommend restaurants, and connect with other community members. The platform is currently accepting users for early access on fooqu!

Motif partners with dental scientists to understand the science of chewing

Plant-based meat and dairy products typically have a different mouthfeel than their traditional counterparts and can be challenging to create both realistic and appealing textures for alternatives. Motif Foodworks is a biotechnology company that develops alternative ingredients with the intention of mimicking properties of dairy, eggs, and meat. To understand the importance of texture in different foods, Motif is partnering with King’s College London and Imperial College London to study the mechanics of eating. The study will specifically focus on how chewing impacts the sensory perception of food. Mechanical engineers, oral biology, and dental experts will be working together with the company for this food science research.

Gathered Foods partners with Dot Foods to expand distribution

Gathered Foods, the parent company of alternative seafood brand Good Catch, announced Dot Foods as its new distribution partner. Dot Foods is the largest food distributor in North America, with 12 distribution centers and access to all 50 U.S. states. The partnership will enable Good Catch to expand its products to new businesses and food service accounts throughout the country. Good Catch products that will be available through Dot Foods include plant-based fish burgers, tuna flakes, breaded crab cakes, breaded fish fillets, as well as other appetizers and entrées.

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