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Travel influencer and expert Julie, of A Lady In London, has travelled to over 100 countries. However, her travels were curtailed, like most other’s, by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Two and half, three hours will probably be much more comfortable.”

The expert warned more bureaucracy at the airport is to be expected.

Julie said: “Be prepared for a lot more red tape than is usual.

“COVID-19 testing is particularly difficult because you have to get the test with a certain number of hours before you leave and then you don’t want to do it too early but then if you wait too long you risk not getting the result back.

“So it’s really a balancing act.

She said: “It’s actually really beautiful. I spent a day there and I absolutely loved it.”

A market town, it is known for Lewes Castle and Bull House, the former home of human rights advocate Thomas Paine.

Lewes is also home to the Glyndebourne Festival Opera, an annual opera festival held annually since 1934.

The Lewes Bonfire also takes place every year, where the town holds the UK’s largest and most famous Bonfire Night.

During the evening 17 burning crosses, commemorating martyrs, are carried through the town.

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