Travel news latest: 1m people receive EU travel pass – as Britons told to holiday at home

Transatlantic travel should be opened up without delay, according to a coalition of industry bosses. 

Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Heathrow Airport and a group of US travel leaders are urging President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Boris Johnson to put a UK-US travel corridor “on the agenda” when they meet at the G7 conference in Cornwall this week.

“In the UK, a day’s delay of opening up the corridor between UK and US costs the economy £23 million,” Shai Weiss, chief executive of Virgin Atlantic, told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Tuesday.

He said he had supported the traffic light system for the resumption of travel, but that it had not been put into use: “[the] data and methodology underpinning decisions not been made public or clear to any of us,” he added. “Malta, the US and the Caribbean should definitely be [green].”

Mr Weiss’ comments came as Portugal, the only major summer sun destination on the green list, turned amber.

Gibraltar is now the sole green-listed destination that is fully open to unvaccinated Britons and Health Secretary Matt Hancock has warned that summer holidays abroad are off for the “medium term” because of the need to protect domestic freedoms “at all costs”.

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