Travel news latest: Greece reopens for tourism as Portugal holidays in doubt

Despite ongoing uncertainty over whether Portugal will allow Britons to visit from Monday, Manchester City and Chelsea fans hoping to attend the Champions League final are being hit with sky high flight prices.

The city of Porto is set to host the match on May 29 after it was moved from Istanbul due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Each club will get 6,000 tickets, which have not been allocated to supporters yet, but due to the huge demand the cost of flying to Porto has rocketed. Flights from Mancester to Porto next weekend – the week before the final – cost just £27 return with Ryanair.

However the price jumps to £573 with Air Portugal for the weekend of the final – an increase of 2,022 per cent – flying out on the Friday and coming back Sunday. On Skyscanner the ‘recommended’  flights cost £467. Cheaper options include a stopover and a total journey time of 22 hours and 20 minutes.

Chelsea fans face a similar dilemma. Flying to Porto from London the week before the Champions League final costs just £19. However, going out for the match, supporters are being hit with £522 for the fastest flights – a hike of 2,647 per cent.

It has been reported, if the entry ban remains in place, that fans will be expected to fly on organised charter planes and arrive and leave on the same day.

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