Travel news latest: Quarantine scrapped for fully vaccinated US and EU arrivals

Tens of thousands of jobs are at risk in the aviation sector due, Airlines UK chief executive Tim Alderslade has said.

Among the issues has been the “total disaster” of placing France on the “amber-plus” list, which scraps the quarantine exemption for double-jabbed travellers.

Speaking on Times Radio, Mr Alderslade said: “If you’ve been fully vaccinated, or you’re coming from a green country, there is not the need for a PCR test upon arrival when you’ve already done a pre-departure test.

“But we’ve somehow got to find a way of using the vaccine dividend that we built up, using the fact that case numbers are relatively stable, using the fact that when people come in to this country, the positivity rate, once they’re tested, is only 0.4% – so air travel is not a dangerous activity if you look at the numbers – to try to get more countries on that green list.

He added: “We’ve now only got six to eight weeks until the end of the summer, and tens of thousands of jobs are under threat in the travel and aviation sector”. See more of Mr Alderslade’s comments in our 8.08am post.

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