USDA Permanently Increases Food Stamp Benefits by 25% | News

Washington (AP) — The Biden administration has approved a significant and permanent increase in the level of food stamp assistance available to poor families. This is the largest single increase in the history of the program.

Since October, food stamps (formally known as the SNAP program) have average benefits that are more than 25% above pre-pandemic levels. The increased support will be available indefinitely to all 42 million SNAP beneficiaries.

Increased aid was first reported by the New York Times, and details were confirmed by a USDA spokeswoman. They will be officially announced by Secretary of Agriculture Tom Bilsack on Monday.

Aid Boost is packaged as a major revision of USDA’s Thrifty Food Plan. Specifically, the average monthly benefit per person will increase from $ 121 to $ 157.

This increase is part of the multifaceted Biden administration’s efforts to strengthen the country’s social safety net. Poverty and food security activists argue that the long-standing insufficiency of their safety nets has been revealed by the COVID-19 pandemic, providing an opportunity to improve generations reaching beyond the current public health crisis. increase.

Activists said that previous levels of pre-pandemic SNAP support were inadequate, and that many households were short of funding towards the end of the month, so they chose cheaper, less nutritious options or simply became hungry. He states that he was forced to do so.

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USDA Permanently Increases Food Stamp Benefits by 25% | News

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