We can’t wait to do ​THESE 7 things in Indore, once the pandemic retreats for good!

The coronavirus pandemic is shaping an uglier rise than ever and while we are bound in restrictions, protocols and cautions, the infection blues are draining us all. Be it chilling with our friends over good food or indulging in street-style retail therapy, we can’t help but miss our regular life in the bustling bright lanes of Indore. So in a bid to shake off the COVID gloom and lift up your Indorean spirits, we have listed out 7 things that you can do in Indore as soon as the pandemic’s curve flattens!

Visit the magnificent Rajwada

A token of Indore’s magnificent history and spellbinding architecture, Rajwada is a place we all love. It is symbolic of the city’s resplendent existence and beauty. Constructed in wood and stone, this 18th Century building is a specimen of Maratha, European and Mughal architectural elements, enchanting locals and tourists alike with its magnificence. It is a storehouse of some of the most precious artefacts which collectively narrate the tale of this iconic city.

Location: Rajwada Circle, Near Holker Cloth Market, Rajwada, Indore

Indulge in a food walk at Sarafa Bazar

If there is one thing that the locals can rave about, nonstop, it is their food! While most people are being cautious with outside food now, we are sure, they too are eagerly counting days until they can indulge in the tantalising and delectable flavours of the Indori street food at the Sarafa Bazar!

The stalls here have got everything that can tickle your taste buds; starting from the savoury aloo tikki and chhole-tikiya, to the Indore special bhutte ka kees and garaadu. Nobody leaves Sarafa Bazar with an empty stomach and that’s what we love about it!

Location: Rajwada, Maharaja Tukoji Rao Holker Cloth Market, Indore

Visit the glittering Kanch Mandir

A wonder in itself, Indore’s Kanch Mandir is a glorious sight to behold. Though small, this place harbours a unique splendour of detailed and rare glass cuttings. This glittering Jain temple is a wonder house for people of all ages, who are into art and theology and we can’t wait to reel in its peaceful ambience when the virus fears subside.

Location: Hukumchand Marg, Beside Sheesh Mahal, Itwaria Bazaar, Indore

Undertake scenic getaways nearby

Days of quarantine and isolation will surely leave you wanting to escape from the city din to an amazing place. So keep your explorer pants ready and plan a travel itinerary that would include the historical wonders at Mandu to the adventure thrills at Ratlam, amid others. You can also head out Omkareshwar or Banswara and let the rippling waters heal you! Until then, stay indoors and stay safe.

Take up retail therapy at Kothari Market

If you are someone who believes that shopping is the real cardio, then cruising through the lanes of Indore’s Kothari Bazar is going to be therapeutic for you! This is the place where can channel your inner shopaholic because this place has got everything at super affordable prices. The vibrancy of the small shops here will cure you of any stress, thus, it is a must-visit site after the pandemic mellows.

Witness nearby waterfalls

If you are somebody who wants to get away from the city and rejuvenate in the laps of nature, you can always head to one of the several waterfalls that surround Indore. Be it the scenic Mohadi Falls, the peaceful Tincha Waterfall or the thrilling Hatyari Khoh, all you have to do is prepare a picnic basket and grab your cameras as you set a pace to unravel the most distinguished treasures at these tourist hotspots!

Binge at Chappan Dukaan

During this pandemic, how can we not miss Chappan Dukaan? This place has 56 stores- all offering something special to satiate all hunger pangs. Be it sugary delights or special Indori namkeens, this place has got a varied range of food and a lot more that can get our mouth to water, in no time! One of the modern establishments, this place is hygienic, clean and safe and we might not have to wait for a very long time until we can flock here to indulge in its offerings.

Location: New Palasia, Indore

Knock Knock

We have done it once and we can do it again! Follow all COVID protocols and guidelines to ensure safety and hygiene. Your efforts can help break the chain of infection. Your city awaits your return but until then, be aware and mask up today to step out tomorrow! For all the latest news related to COVID-19, download the Knocksense App now.

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